Monday, December 3, 2007

4 Minute Warning

this is just a nightmare
soon I'm gonna wake up
someone's going to bring me round.

running from the bombers
running through the fields
hiding in the forest
laying flat on the ground

just like everybody
stepping over heads
running thru the underground

this is your warning
your 4 minute warning

i don't wanna hear it
i don't wanna know
i just want to run and hide

this is just a nightmare,
and soon I'm gonna wake up
someone's going to bring me round.

this is your warning,
4 minute warning

"The 'Phil Is Don Henley' Song".
--Colin Greenwood

[...] highlight of the day is attempting 3 part harmonies on "neil young *9"- not the harmonies themselves, but phil cracking up because he feels a bit like that drummer from the eagles. a fucking brilliant rehearsal. its great to be in our band.
journal, thursday july22 1999
[...] finished by playing 'neil young *9' or as cozzie calls it the 'phil is don henley' song. It sounds even better today. [...]
journal, friday july23 1999
[...] did an interesting band version of 'bombers' which thom has attached to what i used to call 'the neil young' song...we may play it some time later this evening. [...]
journal, 10/1/00 - 19/1/00

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